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With my sports mental toughness programs, I typically have 3 ways that I work with athletes. Email me now and I can arrange a free consultation. During the consult, I can find out more about your problem and discuss how I can provide you with a solution:

Sports Mental Toughness Programs

1. The RACE Formula Package - In person or Skype

The RACE package is the most popular program I offer. This 4 session package has been successful with athletes worldwide with thousands of athletes, performers and even with businesses to clear out​, fear, anxiety, procrastination,mental blocks, low self esteem, lack of aggressiveness, perfectionism, stress, negativity, and any other interference patterns that are holding you back from achieving the goals that you want and deserve.

During these sessions, you (or your child) will embrace total empowerment beginning with a thorough understanding of how your body and mind operate. Similar to driving a vehicle, you will discover how to be in the driver's seat of your mind which puts you in total control of generating a peak performance state also known as the "FLOW". Mental and emotional control will be taught throughout these 4 sessions. By clearing out the destructive interference patterns that are the root causes of these the blocks and equipping you with a toolbox of techniques you will be able to continue to keep yourself free and clear from these mental blocks. You will build on this foundation of confidence we develop throughout these sessions. My process operates under the successful and proven formula of: Performance = Potential - Interference.

Session Overview:

Session 1: Begins with a detailed history identifying your specific problems to individually design and tailor the process to your specific issues goals. I will introduce the fundamentals of the RACE Formula and begin the process with the first two letters R - Relentless and A - Awareness. We will develop your mental toughness plan for these 4 sessions. We will start working your mental toughness plan with at least one tool, and an intervention for change. You may also be given a mental practice recording to reinforce the changes and goals.

Session 2: Become a FEARLESS athlete and master your E - emotions is what session 2 is all about. Emotions, good ones and difficult ones, are a natural part of life and in sport. Very few people know to deal with their emotions, especially difficult ones and therefore, they actually fear them. The skills learned in session 2 become core life skills that will transfer from performance in your sport to positive changes in all areas of your life: school, relationships, career. This session wraps up with our powerful techniques of confidence-building.

Session 3: Visualization or mental practice is something that every elite level athlete uses on a daily basis. Because time is precious and it can be difficult to find extra time to do standard visualization we use a specialized 1 minute mental practice protocol done throughout the day. It is a system which incorporates a super efficient goal setting process. When we establish the long term goal we want to get it into the core where the body can take over and makes it happen. This is so much more effective that the typical "visualize yourself performing well" basics. I will teach you a powerful process to C - Clear out your past mistakes, chokes, errors, regrets that tend to surface in stressful or clutch situations and cause you to make the same mistakes errors or chokes over and over again. You can use this as a tool in competition to improve your performance. This builds the success of the formula. PERFORMANCE = POTENTIAL - INTERFERENCE.

Session 4: The final process in C - Clearing happens through our resolving internal conflicts intervention. Many athletes truly believe they can accomplish a goal and work extremely hard to achieve that goal. Surprisingly, sometimes a part of them actually sabotages or holds back on that effort needed to accomplish their goal, We need to synchronize these conflicts so you can truly achieve your desired outcome. We finish up session 4 with a technique to activate the peak performance state before or during competition...on command when you need it.

2. Complete Mental Toughness Coaching Package - 12 Sessions
​This sports mental toughness program is for the serious, goal oriented athlete wanting to achieve a scholarship or who has professional aspirations. This is the complete 4-session RACE Formula package combined with 9 additional coaching sessions for you to fine tune and fully master the Mental Toughness athletic performance system that has been over a decade in development and proven with thousands of athletes. We go way deeper into the R.A.C.E. Formula not only giving you the mental edge in your performance, but turning you into a fearless, mentally tough competitor prepared to conquer your goals.

3. Single Sessions

Maybe you just want to try my process out, or you have been through the 4 or 12 session package and need quick mental boost before an important game or competition. Single sessions are perfect for you. Some athletes come in for occasional single session tune-ups throughout the season or in the off season to keep their mental game sharp or to work on a specific concern.

I have a sports mental toughness program that is right for you. Contact me and I can answer all of your questions

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